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GEOCON International General Engineering and Construction Ltd.
Company Profile  General   Engineering   &   Construction   (GEOCON)   International   Ltd.  is   a  Maltese     Registered      Company,       incorporated     under    Company  Registration     No:  C-36865.    GEOCON   International   Ltd.   is   also   registered   in   the   Great   Jamahiriya  with   the   Libyan  Secretariat of Economy under Registration No: 428  (22/08/06).   GEOCON International Ltd. capitalized on the wealth of international  experience gained by  GEOCON Ltd over the past 20 years in Malta and  overseas, has now consolidated a sound  business   profile   that   enables   us to  offer   quality   services   and   standards   and   provide   total  solution to the  needs of our Clients.   We      work    with  many     leading    international     principals    and   suppliers  to  bring   the   latest technologies and know-how to our valued Clients. By  combining our technical know-how and  understanding of our Clients’  requirements, we enhance our capability to meet our Client’s needs and  demands in various fields such as shown on the following (pages 3, 4 and 5).   The following pages are a brief overview of our broad range of service  capabilities on offer, and   include   a   rendition   of   past   achievements with  copies   of   authentic   testimonials   from various Clients where applicable.   In   Libya   we   presently   operate   from   our   main  Camp   and   work   base in  Benghazi,   and   also from our Office Complex in Tripoli.   We sincerely hope that you find the attached information of interest to your  requirements and  look forward to being of good service to you in the near  future.